Annual Awards

The annual GCI Green Computing Awards (GCA2021) recognize the exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by the public and private sector. With sustainability moving up the agenda, the Awards have become established as the most prestigious recognition of best practice within the green computing arena. This year in 2021, the spotlight is on Green Data Centers with 8 categories up for grabs by both public sector and private sector data center facilities.

The GCA2021 is administered by GCI and each region is governed by a local cross sector steering group. The judging panel are representatives of sector organizations relevant to each region. All categories are open to any data center facility both in the public or private sector globally. However, data center facilities will need to be nominated beforehand. Judges are allowed discretion to award up to 2 winners for each category to distinguish between large and small applications. However, this will only be done when applications are of a high quality – it is not mandatory.

The Categories are:

1. Best of Mechanical Engineering – This category recognizes achievement in the development of energy efficient cooling systems with the facility.

2. Best of Electrical Engineering – This category recognizes significant implementation of the power chain within the facility in an environmentally friendly way.

3. Best of Systems Engineering – This category recognizes the Green ICT achievement of server, storage, networking and software systems within the facility.

4. Best of Environmental Control – This category recognizes the efforts to manage the optimum environmental conditions within the facility to promote sustainability.

5. Best of Monitoring & Reporting – This category recognizes the impact of monitoring and reporting facility green performance as an effective tool in continuous improvements.

6. Best of Scalability & Resilience – This category recognizes the achievement of building-in scalability and resilience into the facility whilst operating sustainability.

7. Best of Management – This category recognizes the people behind the green data center design, build and deployment.

8. Best of the Best – This category recognizes the all-round achievements of a green data center with all aspects of the facility being taken into account. This is the creme ala creme category to win.

The process of GCA2021:

  • Starts with Nominations. You may use this form (deactivated due to dateline) to submit your nominees. The dateline for nominations is 10 August 2021.
  • Nominees are required to complete the Award Application Form which is sent electronically to the nominee by the local steering group. The dateline for submission is 31 August 2021.
  • Shortlisted applicants for each category will be notified by 5 September 2021.
  • A remote interview will be held with the shortlisted applicant by 10 September 2021.
  • Final results will be announced by 15 September 2021.
  • Trophies and Award Certificates will be sent to the Award Winners thereafter.