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Recognizing and rewarding best practices in manufacturing resource conservation, energy efficiency and waste management

The Certified Green Manufacturing Facility (CGMF) certification from GCI is the industry’s benchmark to achieve. The CGMF is now an Asian and Middle East based certification and can be achieved by organizations with manufacturing facilities anywhere in the region.

CGMF is designed to provide verifiable evidence that an organization is not only claiming it follows (or plans to implement) green manufacturing facility best practices but that it has actually implemented them. Successful organizations can display their Award and use the Award logo within their corporate marketing material. The CGMF award (CGMF Titanium+, Titanium, Platinum, Gold or Silver) provides recognition to organizations that are able to demonstrate significant progress in maximizing the energy efficiency of their facilities from CGMF Silver all the way to those who meet the requirements for the CGMF Titanium+ award and may therefore be considered best in class.

The Titanium award rewards current Platinum certified facilities that has retain the status for 6 years or has demonstrated a full score attainable for Platinum level as well as an Overall Environmental Equipment Effectiveness (OEEE) of 86% and above.

CGMF certified data center facility operators have reaped benefits from the certification program. These benefits include:

  • Unbiased evaluation of a contractor’s Green Manufacturing deployment work results
  • Receive Carbon Credits for energy efficiency
  • Receive advice and recommendations for energy efficiency improvement
  • Harness 15% cost savings through low or zero capital expenditure
  • Prepare for eventual carbon taxation
  • Gain industry recognition and public acknowledgement for energy efficiency best practice
  • Distinguish your organization as an industry leader in environmental sustainability efforts


The CGMF Weighted Scorecard contains the key performance indicators and metrics used to evaluate a Green Manufacturing Facility.

The key assessment areas during the audit are:

  • Environmental Waste
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Chemical Waste
  • Water Conservation

The CGMF program is a tier based certification and comprises 5 primary tiers, namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Titanium+. Certification is awarded upon fulfillment of the following requirements:

Manufacturing Facility has attained the minimum score required to achieve the respective tier levels –        

Silver : 13 points and an OEEE of 60% or less

Gold : 39 points and an OEEE of between 61% to 70%

Platinum: 75 points and an OEEE of between 71% to 85%

Additionally, data center facilities can strive to achieve the coveted Titanium tier. The requirements are:

Titanium: 87 points or maintained Platinum tier for 6 years or achieved an OEEE of 86% or more

Titanium+ : 95 points



GCI Certification Fees are considered to be the lowest in the world ranging from US$5000 to US$10,000 depending on size and capacity.

Please note that additional travel and accommodation charges for regional based auditors may apply if no local auditors are available.


Every CGMF certified facility is allotted a Validation ID which is printed on the Award Certificate. Please visit the Contact Us Page to contact the Validation Officer directly with the Validation ID or at