Green Computing Initiative is now the Green Climate Initiative. GCI has been the Standard Bearer, Accreditation and Certification body for Green Facilities and Professionals since 2008. After transitioning from a non-profit volunteer based organization to a commercially operating organization in February 2023, GCI is now headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia serving the
Asia & Middle East Regions

Now Headed by One of Asia's Top Thought-Leaders in Green Technologies.

Matthew Rajendra is now the Chief Executive Officer of Green Climate Initiative. He is a multiple international award winning eco-preneur who co-founded GCI back in 2008 and headed it's Asia & Middle East operations since then. He is backed by a team of passionate environmental specialists as well as an unbiased and credible Governance Board made up of government, academia and private sector members.

Our 15 Years DNA

GCI is an unbiased certification and accreditation organization focused on improving the business and environmental sustainability of data centers, manufacturing facilities, hospitality properties and transportation through innovative avenues and independent credible performance certifications.

Governments Lead By Example

Our 3 Phase Coverage Strategy belies firmly on our believe that Green Starts From The Top and Flows Down Naturally to the rest of the Economy.

Talent Upskilling

Human Capital Development is paramount to success in this industry and we firmly believe on our DIKW approach. From Data to Information to Knowledge culminating in Wisdom.


We believe in the Carrot (Carbon Offsets) more than the Stick (Carbon Tax). We incentivize carbon related activities and encourage carbon reductions.


Who We Work With

GCI syndicates across an ecosystem and collobarates with the Carbon Emitting Facility, Equipment Manufacturers, Consultants, Implementation Vendors and all the People that make the ecosystem viable. For example, in our data center industry ecosystem we work with: