Credibility, Reliability, Fairness, Innovation & Leadership Since 2008

The Green Computing Initiative has been the leading green computing accreditation and certification organization that certifies and endorses organizations and professionals in Green Computing technologies since 2008. GCI certifications is the standard of excellence that the industry seeks in order to ensure efficient and effective sustainable computing practices.

GCI are the stewards of the Eco-Friendly Green Computing Definition (EFGCD) and is the industry and community-acknowledged organization that is energetically involved in community building, education and public advocacy to promote awareness and the important significance of Green Computing.

GCI is also the developer of the industry’s most comprehensive Sustainable Computing Framework  in use by governments and corporations worldwide. The GCI members present at Green Computing conferences and events, meet with Green Computing professionals and users, and to discuss with executives from the public and private sectors about how Green Computing technologies and models of implementation can provide economic and strategic advantages.

Our Mission is to promote green computing and environmental protection through the certification of qualified green computing professionals and facilities. GCI maintains and promotes professional certification of the highest quality through the accomplishment of key objectives in the following goal areas: Certification, Re-certification, Testing, Research, Partner and Regulatory Relationships, Marketing, Communications and Publications, Recruitment, Retention and Community, Governance and Management.