Validate Certified Green Computing Equipment here using the Validation ID found on the Certificate

The GCI Certified Green Monitoring System certification provide assurances of sustainability and reliability to users of your products. GCI provides independent assurance that your products manufactured are under an effective system of testing, supervision and control leading to improved production efficiency and reduced wastage and rejects.

Data Center facilities worldwide that undertake the Certified Green Computing Facility certification will be awarded with 3 points during the audit process for deploying a GCI Certified Green Monitoring System. Hence increasingly, facilities are requiring that monitoring equipment be green certified.

The following types of Monitoring systems are eligible for certification:

  • DCIM
  • Sensors
  • Dashboards

Audits are conducted on-site at a data center facility where the candidate equipment has been deployed. The audit is non-evasive and no interruption to operations are needed. Some of the audit factors that are being scored include:

  • Energy monitoring parameters
  • CO2 monitoring parameters
  • Metrics Reporting

*The above list is just a sample of criteria being evaluated

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