GCI maintains and operates the EcoBalance Carbon Registry (ECR) for the voluntary carbon market. GCI oversees the registration and verification of carbon offset projects following permitted carbon accounting methodologies or protocols and issues offsets on a transparent registry system. Each offset represents the reduction or removal from the atmosphere equivalent to 1 Metric Tonne of Carbon Dioxide.

In the voluntary market, GCI supervises the registration and independent verification of projects that meet GCI’s science-based Standards and follow GCI approved carbon accounting methodologies, which ensure correctness, exactness and thoroughness in the measurement, monitoring and verification of emission reductions. GCI provides the flexibility of a wide range of methodologies that expand offset sourcing options and validate environmental benefits beyond emissions reductions.  

The ECR Registry is a reliable and secure electronic registry system, powered by GCI, for members to register voluntary market projects and record the issuance, transfer and retirement of serialized, project-based and independently verified offsets. The buy/sell transactions of offsets for purchase or retirement takes place directly between buyer and seller through over-the-counter (OTC) transactions outside of the Registry system or on an approved, linked offset exchange. After a sale takes place, the counter-parties record the transfer of ownership or retirement of offsets within the Registry.

The implementation of a transparent registry system is crucial to the credibility of the market. GCI ensures transparency by requiring that project registration and verification documents be made public. We ensure no double counting or double selling by serializing offsets and by linking to online offset issuance and retirement logs. 

GCI registers offset projects from a wide range of project types including:  

  • Avoided nature loss (including deforestation);
  • Nature-based sequestration, such as reforestation;
  • Avoidance or reduction of emissions such as CO2 or Methane;
  • Technology-based removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Access the Public ECR Registry

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Purchase a Carbon Offset

Purchase 10 or less EcoBalance Carbon Offsets here via online shop.

Request to purchase bulk (more than 10) EcoBalance Carbon Offsets here.

Request To Retire a Carbon Offset

If you are in possession of a EcoBalance carbon offset in the form of a certificate, coin or NFT and plan to retire the credit, please submit your details here.

Open a Registry Account

Open a EcoBalance Registry Account here – All project developers, validation/verification bodies (VVBs), traders, and retailers must have an EcoBalance Registry account. The process for opening a EcoBalance Registry account is initiated online, with supplemental documentation submitted via email.

View Standards We Utilize

View the EcoBalance Standard – GCI registers GHG emissions reduction projects that meet the EcoBalance Standards, as described here.

Contact the EcoBalance Registry Program Office at verify@greenci.org for any inquiries and feedback.