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The Green Computing Initiative is now Green Climate Initiative and is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. GCI has been the leading green technology accreditation and certification organization that certifies and endorses organizations and professionals in green technologies since 2008 primarily in Asia. GCI certifications is the standard of excellence that various industries seeks in order to ensure efficient and effective sustainable practices.

GCI are the stewards of the Eco-Friendly Green Technology Definition (EFGTD) and is the industry and community-acknowledged organization that is energetically involved in community building, education and public advocacy to promote awareness and the important significance of Green Technology.

GCI is also the developer of the industry’s most comprehensive Sustainable Technology Framework  in use by governments and corporations in Asia. The GCI members present at Green Technology conferences and events, meet with Green Technology professionals and users, and to discuss with executives from the public and private sectors about how Green Technology and models of implementation can provide economic and strategic advantages.

Our Mission is to promote green technology and environmental protection through the certification and incentivization of qualified green technology professionals and facilities. GCI maintains and promotes professional certification of the highest quality through the accomplishment of key objectives in the following goal areas: Certification, Re-certification, Testing, Research, Partner and Regulatory Relationships, Marketing, Communications and Publications, Recruitment, Retention and Community, Governance and Management.

Chief Executive Officer | Matthew Rajendra

Proudly Malaysian born and bred Matthew has been in the technology industry since 1992 and concurrently embarked on environmental sciences in 2008 after making the connecting between the technology industry’s impact on the environment. He holds more than 20 professional technical certifications including the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). His green technology invention has won numerous international awards including Malaysia’s only United Nations award for Sustainable Technology, the coveted global WITSA Chairman’s Award, the international level APICTA award as well as three other local APICTA awards. He co-founded GCI in 2008 and headed it’s Asia & Middle East operations on a volunteer basis until becoming CEO in 2023.

Chief Financial Officer | Avis Tan

Avis graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting,Finance and Law from the University of Western Australia 30 years ago. She embarked on her banking career at Public Bank Berhad rising rapidly from Head of Credit Control to Head of Credit. Seeking more personal and financial fulfillment, she ventured into the wealth and estate planning industry. Her entry into the technology sector came in 1999 when she became co-founder and the Finance Head of MTS, a technical training provider. She guided the organization to become the top 3 providers of training in Malaysia and Singapore within 4 years. She later volunteered at GCI after finding her passion in environmentalism until becoming CFO in 2023.

Chief Commercial Officer

(Position Vacant)

Legal Affairs Advisor | Ashton Matthew

Ashton graduated from the prestigious King’s College London (UK) after being drafted into it’s LLB program under it’s elite high achievers program. He also attended and graduated from the Oxford Fintech Program by the Said Business School, University of Oxford (UK).


The Governance Board for the upcoming term is being inducted and registered. In the interim, any new audit reports and certifications in progress after February 1, 2023 will be marked complete and final only once the Board convenes in April 2023 and validates all outstanding audits.

Governance Board Chairman | YBHG. Datuk Faizal bin Jamat – MOV Group Berhad

Governance Board Secretary | Matthew Rajendra – Green Climate Initiative

Governance Board Members

SEAT 3: The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology | Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation

SEAT 4: Public Works Department

SEAT 5: Attorney General Chambers

SEAT 6: Ministry of Defence

SEAT 7: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

SEAT 8: Pending Confirmation


SEAT 1: The Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change (Permanent Member Since 2012)

SEAT 2: Prime Minister’s Department

SEAT 3: Ministry of Home Affairs

SEAT 4: Ministry of Defence

SEAT 5: National Registration Department

SEAT 6: Public Service Department

SEAT 7: Public Works Department

SEAT 8: Pending Confirmation